Changing Consumer Demands

Better, Cheaper, Faster

Patients want it all: better, cheaper, faster. And they think they can get it; they respond eagerly to the aggressive marketing strategies large retail chains employ, and are disappointed when they can’t receive the same options or offers from their trusted independent optometrist.

Purchasing contact lenses online is nothing new, it has been happening for years. Today, nearly 20% of contact lens sales are made online, but now a new generation of patients are seeking online optical solutions for all of their eyewear buying needs. They are actively looking for greater transparency and better pricing; they want their favorite brands at the best price.

Do You See What We See?

In the spring of 2012, an industry white paper entitled, “Do You See What We See? The Future of Optometry.” by Elizabeth Spaulding detailed the behavior of eyewear consumers and what their changing behavior might mean to independent optometry.

In the paper, which was published by Bain & Company, independent optometrists and managed vision care plans are said to face marketplace pressures similar to other industries—book sellers and independent pharmacies—that have recently undergone tremendous change.

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Today, news stories frequently appear that show the changing needs of consumers and its impact on the optical industry. Click on any of the story links below to read the latest industry news as it relates to consumer demands.

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