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Blue Light Discussions Improve Patient Care and Revenue

Friday, August 1, 2014

Matthew Alpert, OD, a third-generation optometrist at Alpert Vision Care, shares his views on the importance of talking with patients about blue light.

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Matthew Alpert, OD, wears his Google Glass prescription frames.

As an early adopter of new technology, Matthew Alpert, OD, incorporates his personal experience into discussions with patients.

Isn’t it amazing how much the patient conversation has changed over the past 15 years? It used to be that I would ask a patient if they used a computer. Of course, that conversation has now shifted to a question about how much time they spend on a computer.

Today, it’s a necessity to address technology habits during an eye exam as the average person is multitasking on multiple devices throughout the day—and often at the same time. It’s also necessary because patients are actively looking for better solutions to address digital eye strain and variable viewing distances. Plus many patients have enhanced vision benefits to encourage them to seek out these solutions.


A $50 Billion Reason To Become A Glass Preferred Provider

Friday, July 25, 2014

Matthew Alpert, OD, a third-generation optometrist at Alpert Vision Care, offers his perspective on the benefits of being a Glass Preferred Provider.

Matthew Alpert, OD, wearing Glass Prescription Frames

Matthew Alpert, OD, wears his Google Glass prescription frames with patients.

Earlier this year, I predicted that wearable devices like Google Glass will expand the relevance of optometry in our patients’ everyday lives. I’ve now been wearing Glass for a year, and it’s brought value to my practice in a number of ways.

  • Wearing Glass and being a Glass Preferred Provider is an immediate signal to patients that my practice is staying ahead of technology. It’s helping to establish my practice as a leader in the intersection of eye care and wearable technology. Since becoming a Glass Preferred Provider, I’ve seen 15 new tech-savvy patients that have resulted in incremental sales of high-end lens products. (more…)

Technology As A Tool To Help Your Practice Succeed

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ami C. Ranani, OD, of Somers Eye Center in New York, offers the following for optometrists who are interested in advancing the technology in their own practices.

We’ve all heard these seven words: There is nothing constant except for change. Some of us think about the seemingly overwhelming steps it will take to keep up with all of these changes, and that includes electronic health records (EHR) and meaningful use (MU) as well.

I have an interest in technology and change management, but I recognize not everyone has the same feelings or inclinations that I do. For example, do you look at change as a circumstance to create new and exciting opportunities that help your practice and your patients?

Learn more about EHR, patient portals, and how to breathe in the cloud.